Cradle Mountain/Middlesex Plains Hunters


Simon as part of my Surrey Hills research I can add a notable snarer to your list - Luke Etchell. Born at Stanley, he went to Bischoff as a boy of nine in 1877 and worked at the mine. He moved to Guildford in 1898 and spent the last 50 years in the district until his death in 1948 aged 80. He worked as a snarer mainly on Surrey Hills. He was an accomplished bushman who worked as a He was overseer on Surrey Hills for the Western Highlands Company who used to lease most of the southeastern portion of Surrey from the VDL Company and during the early 1940s he looked after Hayes’ cattle on the same area. He also owned the Burleigh block on Surrey Hills in the 1940s and I believe built the skin shed there.

Hi Robert, I have long been aware of Luke Etchell and contemporary assessments of his ability. Love to know more about him. I also have an interest in the Western Highlands Company. It leased Howells Plains for many years. It was a ruthless company led by RC Field. When it obtained that lease it had Etchell, Alec Burnie and Syd Willcox muster wild cattle from Guilford and drive them to the Mersey to stock it.

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