Tasmanian skin drying techniques


I was taught how to set all snares by my grandfather( Oska Smith) while living in Lorinna the most dangerous part of setting a springer snare is if it is triggered while working on it the springer will hit you probably in the face teeth or eye gone. Always stand with the springer tucked under one arm iff it triggers it catches in your arm pit not your eye. Oh yes a good lesson learned young
Baydon Smith

You were taught well Baydon. A swipe by a springer is a lesson never forgotten.

Hi Grandfather also taught me to put the springer under my arm and he used to set them with only one peg too; a bit wobbly and easy to set off, hence maybe 50% were set off without catching anything. We used to use Dogwood rather than Teatree. Fond memories as a kid of being up before daylight to check the snares and rabbit traps at Targa.
Cheers Rod

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