Dying for New Zealand—the Hartnetts and the Great War


Thank you for your thoughts. They are deeply appreciated. Nic and I write because we enjoy it but the knowledge that our work makes a difference to people like you is very special for us.


Thanks for the yarns!
As someone who grew up a wide eyed kid quietly listening to the old bushmen yarning about different logging, prospecting and snaring places in northern Tasmania (especially the northeast) I enjoy them immensely.
I very much appreciate yourself and Nic keeping our history alive in modern formats as this blog and the various book you both have authored.
Keep up the good work.
Cheers Rod

Hi Simon, I've just discovered your blog and wanted to say thanks! It's great to hear some of the old stories brought to life. I'm a guide on the Overland and would love to get a copy of the Paddy Harnett bio Nic and yourself wrote, but the PDF link doesn't seem to work?

Cheers, Nick

The link should now work. My apologies.


A great story. Lucy is a distant relative he father is my great uncle his father and mother are my great great grandparents.
I am doing my family tree and are looking for stories and photos of family members.
I brought Nic Haygarths book on Cradle Mountain and found a photo of my great grandfather and his son in it, I have never seen a photo of him before I was so excited.

Marilyn Russell

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