The Lake Price Hut


Fantastic achievement Simon, collating collecting and distributing all this information on the history of our unique high country.
The men , women , the places , precious to the heritage of the landscape is a magnificent effort.
Instilling and educating , in all of us, the knowledge of these is now tangible and recorded for posterity, in all your publications.
I look forward to Volume 2, and thank you.... for everything !

Hi Simon, thank you for giving so many people pleasure in reading your Mountain stories. I teach Tourism-guiding at TasTAFE and I use your stories with my lessons as well as your books. In fact one my students said it was the first book he had read since grade seven, he is 41 years old. Once again thank you very much, I look forward to you launching the book. Cheers Shane.

All persons interested in Tasmanian high country are very very lucky to have a special person with so much passion and love for our wonderful highland history.
Simon you are a very special person.
Regards IJ

Hi Simon, thank you for sharing your personal story with us. It is great to hear your satisfaction with your decisions in earlier years. I am sorry to hear your health has recently deteriorated and I wish you well with your future book and whatever else is around the corner. This is my first read of your mountain stories because I have only recently subscribed and I lived it so thank you for sharing. I love the old huts and walking to them so find this and your books whic I have very interesting. Some of my relatives from Meander in past days used to head off up the Western Tiers trapping and also because I am an avid bushwalker I really enjoy the information you share. Thank you and best wishes to you.-- Jan

Keep writing, mate. There are many stories in you yet, that great store of knowledge you have accumulated is not exhausted. What you have achieved in recording the European history of the central highlands is unsurpassed, but you are not a spent force.

I have been engrossed by your stories ever since I began hearing you tell us the epic efforts of the Mountain Men. You have vividly brought to life the work and times of these great blokes. Between you and "Wizza" you have been a great team over those many years. Thank you for bringing the past to life.

Your a mountain.
Keep climbing every on

Can't wait for vol 2

Thank you, Simon, for all your hard work and passion. After arriving in Tas from WA a few years ago and struggling to find any information about the history of the area I live in and my 'backyard' I discovered your wonderful books and then this website. I have learnt so much from your writings and am sure many others will in the years to come.
Kind regards, Tracy.

Thank you for dedicating yourself to this wonderful task; collating something iconic for Tasmania and also celebrating your own connection. The historic and literary world of Tasmania will be poorer for your loss Simon, however much, much richer from the legacy of your writing and research. I trust you can enjoy the fruits of Vol.2 Best regards

hello simon...just wanted to tell you how much i have enjoyed reading you stories....i live in tasmania and have been in many of the areas you describe over the wishes ian

I will have one of those Volume 2 books then I will have a complete set of your magnificent Legacy. the sheer scope of your work is amazing and will never be surpassed.
Go easy Simon and may we meet at your Book launch.

I am one of those many people Shane refers, as having had great pleasure in reading your very interesting blogs & mountain stories. As you say Simon, without your (amazing) research & writings, so many mountain stories may well have been lost !! Thankyou again & I too look forward to adding "volume 2" to my complete set of treasured Simon Cubit publications. Best wishes, Michael J.

I'm a relative newcomer to this blog but cannot begin to express mygratitude to your work and dedication over the decades to share the stories of these lands I am discovering and are very much a part of me now. You have made it so that the incredible people of these places are not forgotten, but can be honoured for their tenacity and resourcefulness. This is a wonderful legacy Simon, heartening to hear how it has enriched your own life as well as so many others.

Peace be with you

Over the years you have put together a huge amount of information and stories that would otherwise have been lost forever. For that we will be forever grateful.
On a personal level the stories you have put together in regards to Lees Paddocks and the Upper Mersey have made fantastic reading, and something we the current custodians of Lees Paddocks hold dear to our hearts.
I know that The Paddocks is an area that you love very much and you can rest assured that we will continue the traditions that have be built up over the past 125 years.
There is a special place on the track into The Paddocks, by a creek, next to the whiskey tree, a place Lewis loved, where we stop and drink a toast to all those who have a connection to The Paddocks. Next time we pass that place we will be raising our glass and tipping our hats for you mate, thank you and God bless

Simon, it is you that initially inspired me to start my journey of walking, searching for huts and hut ruins and all things mountains. Around 10yrs ago i found a flash drive near the summit of mount roland and on that flash drive was the the whole series of "Characters of the central Highlands and Living on the roof of tasmania which was your ABC radio series with Chris Wisby. Wow i reckon i have listened to these audio files a hundred times over and are among my most prized posessions. I have read and purchased everyone of your books so far and continue to read them over and over periodically, and have become fascinated with the hardships and resilience shown by this tough bunch of old buggers. Thanks very much for your efforts so far and i cant wait to get mountain stories Vol 2

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