Lewis Lee

Transcript of an interview with Lewis Lee c. 1988


In 1987 the Lemonthyme and Southern Forests Commission was established to determine if forests in parts of northern and southern Tasmania were of World Heritage quality and thus should be added to the existing World Heritage areas in Tasmania. The Lemonthyme area under consideration took in Lees Paddocks in the Upper Mersey. There was great concern by the Lee family and their supporters that Lees Paddocks, selected by George Lee in a process that commenced in the 1880s, might be compulsorily acquired. The family started a campaign that included a bicentennial cattle drive in 1988. The issue became a cause celebre.

A media outlet travelled into Lees Paddocks to get footage of horses and riders and interviewed George’s son Lewis Lee (1903–89) at his home at Mole Creek. This is a transcript of footage the media crew took. Lewis was a reluctant interviewee. He was tired, suffered from emphysema and frequently asked for the camera to be turned off during the interview.

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