A few days at the Arm with Max How


I can relate to fetching the possums while dad stayed in the car - I was sent to climb up the trees if they became stuck in a limb, then freaked out the next day in the daylight when he showed me how tall the tree was.
A great story Simon, thank you......I have no idea where the horse came from though? We had many, but Cochise? No idea.

Thanks for the great story about Max, Simon. I remember well seeing the insides of his skin shed as a child visiting down the road from our property in the Arm and being a bit daunted at the vision of all these skun possums strung up!
He was a welcome visitor to our hut and would come to check on us when the weather was bad or spin a good yarn!

Cochise was my horse Jill. While Max hadn't ridden for many years, it didn't take much encouragement for him to climb aboard and have a ride. I guess it reminded him of the old days.

As a kid at Longford, I can remember him riding a horse bare back in the yard. Running along beside it, throwing himself up on it - and off again - like a circus performer!

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