As the Mersey burns, what about the huts?


Thank you for the update. I have been concerned about the huts since I fist saw the fires go up 2 weeks ago.
The February is going to look a lot different when I next get a chance to go up there.

Yes, it will be very sad in many ways. Perversely, with the vegetation burnt, it will be a good time to locate the hut sites.

Boy miles skin shed on Dublin road was ok on sunday 24th, as was the Arm River huts of Max How,s, The fire had also missed the portion of raised track near boggy marsh mill site. the old millsite was well burnt

Thanks for that update Plum. Just had word this morning that Boy Miles skin shed on Dublin Road has been destroyed. A sad loss.

thank you for this information simon. All I can think of is all that history going up in flames. I have just gone and located the ten yard hut about 2 weeks before the fires started. To find such a rare intact hut was magic. I only hope that the fires don't find this gem.

I visited Basil Steers No.1&2 Huts today 4 Feb. and both are safe after the fires. As mentioned it is obvious back burning has occurred at both sites. The fire did not reach No.1 Hut, but came right up to No.2. I met up with Des Bakes en route and told me the "gingerbread house" near No.2 Hut had been lost. A massive effort has obviously been made by the firefighting agencies and I would like to convey a big thankyou to all concerned who assisted in saving these treasures.

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