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Simon, I love these stories of old. Thanks so much for bringing them to us.


Thank you for your feedback John. Knowing that my stories are well received inspires me to keep on writing.

I worked with a Syd Wilcox at the Hydro at Devonport from 76 to early 80s when he retired.
This Syd was a Linesman and i was a trainee.
I remember that he loved roo shooting with hounds up on the plateau.
He lived at Port Sorell.
Is this the same Syd Wilcox as above ?

Yes, Gary. The one and the same.

Thanks Simon really enjoyed reading story about Dad. It was something he didn't really talk to me about when I was growing up. I can hear his voice coming through the interview.

Hi Trish, I am pleased that my story could perform that role. If you can provide me with an email address I would be happy to send you the transcript of that interview I did with him in 1993.

Hi Simon
Thank you that would be wonderful, my email address is
Trish Breen

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