My first trip to Lees Paddocks (1983)


Great stories Simon. Although from Hobart, I know the Mersey area quite well having bushwalked there for many years. I love visiting the huts and have overnighted at most of them. The history of the area and of many other areas needs to be preserved as many of the old storytellers are no longer with us. I thank you for your efforts in this regard, having heard or read many of your previous efforts. Thanks again.

Thank you John. I love writing the stories and hope to do so well into the future. If you have particular interests, let me know.

My late father (Bob) Robert Lee son of Bert Lee traveled to Lee's paddocks and filmed the area using an old black n white movie camera, footage which capture my heart and imagination . I vowed I would make a trip into this beautiful area and spend a night in the hut and then venture down to Lewis Lee's hut and soak in the Lee history I had been told so many times about ! It was truly a most wonderful experience and a history that stood still in a place of sheer beauty !

Hi Simon, i love your stories about the Lee family history , Lees Paddocks , the huts along with the insiring beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness and the life of the fur trappers / snarers. Im a keen bush walker and fisherman and so love being out amongst this wild and beautiful backyard we have here in Tassie.
So how do i fit into this picture in the family line ?
Oxley Lee and Jane Anne Harold had a son Oxley Henery (Harry) Lee who in turn had a daughter Lila Sarah Jane Lee who had a son Robert Henery (Bob) Lee who had a son Leighton Lee which is me . I currently have a friend doing a family tree for me and find it so very interesting indeed. Thanks Simon for all the hard work you have put into your findings and your books which i and searching for to date. P.s i hope you recieve this post, thanks again Simon, Regards Leighton.

Hi Leighton, I am delighted that my research and writing brings you such satisfaction and enjoyment. As it happens, we share a common Lee ancestor. Best wishes Simon

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