Humphrey Howells and the Lake Mackenzie pencil pine fence


does anyone have any information on where this hut may have been located? I am very much interested in finding out more about it and finding the site as well.

Paula, it happens that there has been a recent, unsuccessful, search for Parson's hut. I will write about this hut in a forthcoming Mountain Story

thankyou I myself have been searching for the hut with the little I have found about the hut and I have come across yellow tape that was near some old cut off stumps, but have found no other traces. Also you have asked about the location of the first hut that Steers built and that burnt down. I have found some foundation stones etc just north of Sadine creek near the fence remains. I always thought that was the original site. I haven't got the gps coordinates but when I have access to them I'll get them to you.

Thank you for your comment, Paula. The Field hut the Steers used was south of Sardine Creek (or Kings Plains Creek as the Steers called it). It was up on the bank northwest of where the twin creeks join. The fence remains found there today probably marked the horse paddock. The Field hut burnt down in the 1940s and the Steers built a new hut reportedly up behind the old hut site. I have never been able to find evidence of this second hut.

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