Skin sheds now heritage listed

Tasmanian skin shed and snaring huts are a very important part of our heritage. As I outlined in my Mountain Stories blog of 2 December 2013, they are a type of building invented in Tasmania around 1900 to dry skins in our wet mountain winters. They were unique to Tasmania and only about a dozen of them remain. For years I have tried to get their heritage values recognized and the buildings protected. Early this year I nominated four of them, on a range of land tenures, for inclusion on the Tasmanian Heritage Register. I was thrilled to learn recently that the nominations had been accepted and that the huts are on the way to being listed. Listing will give these four buildings official recognition. They will receive higher levels of care and protection. There is more to be done, however. We really need to know if there are more still standing of which we are unaware, and do a bit of condition assessment to determine what sort of condition they are in.