Introducing trout into the Chudleigh Lakes


just would like you to know how much i enjoy reading your articles...i live in sthrn tas and have been in few of the areas you wishes ian

Simon your passion for the Tasmanian high country and all involved is absolutely incredible , you are a very very special person. We in Tasmania are privileged to have such a dedicated person such as you.
I personally wish you the very best for the festive season and certainly for your health issues.
Regards Ian jones

Thanks Simon for your excellent publications, I have enjoyed them hugely.
I wish you an improvement in health in 2017. Best regards

Hi Simon, I hope your health improves after your chemo. Having been through 18 weeks of chemo followed by 5 weeks of radiation, I thought I would never come right. Now, about 2 months later things have improved to the point where I feel almost back to normal.
I hope this will be the case for you also and that you can keep recording history and enjoying life.
I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year with good health.

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