Virtual launch of Mountain Stories the book

My new book Mountain Stories: Echoes from the Tasmanian high country is currently on the high seas en-route to Tasmania from its overseas printer. It is due to arrive in early to mid December. I will be conducting a virtual launch of the book via Facebook at 2 pm on Sunday 11 December. By going to you will be able to view a video of me introducing the book and responding to any questions viewers may wish to pose. Given the challenges of performing before a camera and reading questions at the same time, I ask that participants email me written questions ( by the preceding Friday.

If you are uncertain about how you might participate, drop me a line.


Curious about the cover image?


Curious about the cover image? The evocative picture on the cover of the book is a Ken Field photograph taken in 1939. Field is the central figure of a story in Mountain Stories entitled 'Ken Field and the lost photo albums'. Field was a Galipolli veteran and chief executive officer of Field seed merchants, a Devonport business. He loved the outdoors and frequently paid hunters and mountain cattlemen to pack him and a few of his friends into the mountains for holidays. In 1939 he had Vin Walters, Upper Mersey hunter and cattlemen, take him into the Upper Mersey visiting Walters Marsh, The Horse Plain, Howells Plains and the Walls of Jerusalem. Field was a talented photographer and took many photographs of the trip. Given that few photographs exist of this area at this time, these photographs are both rare and valuable. The photograph which graces the cover is of the Arm River bridge. Replaced now by a footbridge near the Forestry Tasmania Outdoor Education Centre, this bridge was the major access into the Upper Mersey prior to the construction of the Mersey Forest Road in the 1960s. The characters on the bridge are (from left) Geoff Holloway, George Miles and a boy known only as 'Mase'. Holloway and Mase were friends of Field whereas Miles was part of the group Walters assembled to look after Field, Holloway and Mase.